Government austerity, delivery costs, aging populations, rampant chronic disease and patient demands are combining to challenge health and social care systems around the world. Observers describe the situation as a ‘perfect storm’ of crisis, but also of opportunity.

RecapHealth invests and actively supports world class opportunities and is fortunate to work with partners that include healthcare entrepreneurs, executives, providers, private payers, non profits and governments alike.

"Gentlemen, We have run out of money. It's time to start thinking"

Ernest Rutherford quoted by Health Minister Deb Matthews in 2014


To deliver sector leading financial returns and meaningful social impact.

Fill a funding gap for entrepreneurs pursuing sector focused, value added capital

To catalyze capital across the return spectrum (commercial to philanthropic) to improve the heath care ecosystem

Support the scaling of innovative solutions to global challenges

Meet the team

Richard started the predecessor firm to RecapHealth Ventures in 2011 to make investments supporting the significant number of high potential innovations originating from existing health care organizations as well as from groups or entrepreneurs new to the system. While both groups were producing great technology or service offerings; commercialization experience, scaling resources and access to value added capital were often cited as significant barriers to success. Discussions with individuals across the sector lamented the relative lack of financial partners with health care sector focus, particularly from those with knowledge of the Canadian market.

    Canadian Advisory board members
  • Kip Woodward - Chair Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

  • Graham Whitmarsh - BC Deputy Health and Finance Minister

  • Dale Tiessen - GM, GE Healthcare

  • Ida Goodreau - ex CEO LifeLabs, ex CEO Vancouver Coastal

  • John DeHart - CEO NurseNextDoor

  • Alexandra Greenhill - ex Pres. BCMA

  • James Tansey - ED ISIS at UBC

  • Bob Wilson - Founder/CEO Wilson Banwell (EAP)

  • Alex Kroon - Ex CEO CMN/EuropAssist

  • Prateek Dwivedi - MARS Health Lead and ex CIO Mt Sinai Hospital

  • Steve Johnson - CRO, Hootsuite

    US Advisory board members
  • Nicola Bridges - SVP Sharecare

  • Graham Brooks - Partner .406 Ventures

  • Steve Curd - CEO CareinSync, ex-CIO United Healthcare

  • John Danaher - President, Education, Elsevier at Reed Elsevier

  • Dave Dickey - Founder Redbrick

  • Larry Logan - Ex VP Marketing WebMD

  • Robin Palley - SVP Digitas

  • Rebecca Palm - Founder Co Patient SVP M&A AthenaHealth

  • Geoffrey Rutledge - CMO Healthtap, former SVP WEBMD

  • Paul Sonnenschein - SVP at Healthline Networks, Inc.

  • Bruce Springer - CEO OneHealth

  • Gary Stuart - EVP Emdeon

  • Karl Zachar - SVP Epocrates, SVP AthenaHealth, Goldman Sachs


Medeo is a communications platform that allows patients, via secure video on computer, iphone or iPad, to see a licensed physician using their existing medical services coverage.


Fitnet eyes clinical space with Kansas medical center childhood obesity pilot
mobihealthnews - the daily mHealth industry monitor. Subscribe for our free weekly e-newsletter! 23 July 2014, 1:56pm

Fitnet, the instructional video fitness app maker that launched in January of this year, has begun its first clinical pilot, a collaboration with the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) sponsored by a $15,000 grant from Mozilla. Fitnet will work with eight families in KUMC’s Health Hawks childhood obesity program and provide an iPad and […]

Allscripts launches native EHR app Wand for Windows 8 devices
mobihealthnews - the daily mHealth industry monitor. Subscribe for our free weekly e-newsletter! 23 July 2014, 1:46pm

Electronic health record company Allscripts has developed a native app for Windows 8.1 devices, called Allscripts Wand, two years after the company first launched the app for iOS devices. While there are many health-related apps available for the Windows platform, there are few native EHR apps available in the Windows app store. Wand aims to help providers check their […]

House bill seeks to phase in Medicare coverage of telemedicine, remote patient monitoring
mobihealthnews - the daily mHealth industry monitor. Subscribe for our free weekly e-newsletter! 23 July 2014, 1:09pm

Representatives Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) and Glenn Thompson (R-Penn.) are set to announce a new telehealth bill soon. Like some of Mike Thompson’s previous telehealth efforts, the bill seeks to amend the Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, the law that has long limited government-reimbursed telemedicine to rural areas and specific use cases. As Jonathan Linkous, […]

Researchers develop smart seatbelt that senses heart rate to combat driver fatigue
mobihealthnews - the daily mHealth industry monitor. Subscribe for our free weekly e-newsletter! 23 July 2014, 12:50pm

A group of researchers from Spain have published a paper on a seatbelt and seat cover embedded with sensors that can detect the driver’s respiration and heart rate to combat the driver fatalities and car accidents caused by fatigue. The project, which is run by a consortium called Harken has been working on the system for a few years […]

UnitedHealthcare offers its just-for-members Health4Me app to all consumers
mobihealthnews - the daily mHealth industry monitor. Subscribe for our free weekly e-newsletter! 23 July 2014, 12:35pm

Health insurance company UnitedHealthcare has opened up its mobile health app, Health4Me to the general public, two years after the company first launched the app for its members. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The Health4Me app allows users to access their health information and their families’ health information in one […]



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